Emergency Dentist

Sometimes teeth become fractured by trauma, grinding or biting on hard objects.

In other cases, fillings, crowns and other restorative devices can be damaged or fall out of the mouth completely. If there is severe pain, it is essential to make an appointment with the dentist as quickly as possible. If you have a dental emergency, don’t wait!

CEREC® Single Visit Crowns

At Bartram Dental we use the latest technologies to get you in and out of the office in no time, with your smile as good as new.

CEREC® is a method used by thousands of dentists worldwide to replace fillings and to restore any tooth that is decayed, weakened, or broken to its natural strength and beauty. If you’re experiencing any of these issues with your teeth, don’t hesitate to make an appointment and get help today!

Dental Emergencies St Johns, Fl

Here’s some things we can help you with right away!

Avulsed Tooth

If a tooth has been knocked clean out of the mouth, it is essential to see a dentist immediately. The dentist will try to replace the tooth in its natural socket. In some cases, the tooth will reattach, but if the inner mechanisms of the teeth are seriously damaged, root canal therapy may be necessary.

Dislodged/Loose Teeth

When a tooth has been dislodged or loosened from its socket by trauma or decay, it might be possible to save it. If the tooth remains in the mouth and attached to the blood vessels and nerves, there is a good chance root canal therapy will not be necessary.

Lost Filling or Crown

Usually, a crown or filling comes loose while eating. Once it is out of the mouth, the affected tooth may be incredibly sensitive to temperature changes and pressure. Crowns generally become loose because the tooth beneath is decaying.
If a crown has dropped out of the mouth, make a dental appointment as soon as possible. Keep the crown in a cool, safe place because there is a possibility that the dentist can reinsert it. The dentist will check the crown to see if it still fits. If it does, it will be reattached to the tooth. Where decay is noted, this will be treated and a new crown will be made.

Cracked or Broken Teeth

The teeth are strong, but they are still prone to fractures, cracks and breaks. Fractures, cracks and breaks can take several different forms, but are generally caused by trauma, grinding and biting. If a fracture or crack extends into the root, root canal therapy may be the only effective way to retain the tooth. In the case of a complete break, the dentist will usually affix the fragment back onto the tooth as a temporary measure.

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