Solea® Lasers

At Bartram Dental, we provide state-of-the-art Solea® services to our patients. Solea® is the first laser that is able to cut any type of tissue with a single setting. Patients are more comfortable and dentists are even more precise with this incredible technology.


Anesthesia Free

Most patients opt out of anesthesia simply because they don’t need it. Not only are the patients more comfortable, not injecting saves a lot of time and eliminates the after effects of numbing.

Fast Turnaround

Solea® works much faster and quieter than any other laser on the market. Solea’s speed and anesthesia-free qualities mean the dentist and patient will benefit from dramatically-reduced chair time.

Quicker Healing Time

Solea® can perform procedures from simple cavities to complex surgeries. It is less invasive than using a traditional handpiece, which greatly reduces healing time following the procedure.

Discover the Benefits of Solea® Laser Treatment.

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