6 Month Smiles®

With so many available orthodontia options, achieving a beautiful, straight smile has never been simpler.

However, depending on your ideal outcome, certain treatment systems may help you achieve your dream smile in less time. At Bartram Dental Center, St. Johns dentist Dr. Jason Lewis offers several braces treatment options that may better suit your orthodontic needs. In particular, 6 Month Smiles® is an effective and affordable alternative for patients looking to enhance the look of their smiles with braces.

What is 6 Month Smiles®?

Unlike traditional clear aligner systems, 6 Month Smiles® uses tooth colored brackets and clear wires to straighten the teeth discreetly. Patients visit our St. Johns dental office monthly for adjustments.

As this system is correcting only the aesthetic qualities of the smile, treatment can take as little as 6 months, making it ideal for individuals who wore braces as children yet suffered from a relapse of crooked front teeth or those that have only one or two misaligned teeth. Acceleration also helps minimize the overall treatment costs, making 6 Month Smiles® a feasible option for patients looking to correct minor misalignment affordable and effectively.

Why to Consider 6 Month Smiles®

For patients simply looking to enhance the aesthetics of their smile, 6 Month Smiles® is an affordable option that eliminates the need for lengthy treatment. As the treatment plan can easily be adjusted to account for stubborn teeth or accelerated movement, 6 Month Smiles® is highly personalized to each patient’s smile.

6 Month Smiles® is also highly convenient. While clear, removable aligning systems offer patient’s greater control over their treatment plan, this high degree of patient responsibility requires that individuals proactively stay on top of their treatment plan. Failing to replace their aligning trays after eating or forgetting to wear their aligners for the full 22 hours can disrupt treatment, causing clear braces patients to inadvertently extend their course of treatment beyond its initial timeframe. Even after this extended treatment plan, some patients may not achieve their desired results and may require another round of treatment.

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The first step towards a beautiful, healthy smile
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Make An Appointment Today!

The first step towards a beautiful, healthy smile is to schedule an appointment.